Commonwealth Shooting Federation (European Division) Championships 2009 - Isle of Man Print
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Monday, 20 April 2009 20:31

The 2009 CSF(ED) takes place in the Isle of Man between Fri 25th and Sun 27th September 2009. Jersey will be sending a team to this and preparations are underway.

The GTM for the Jersey team is Terry Underwood. The estimated cost to attend for competitors, excluding entry fees, is around the £350 mark.

If you are interested in attending these championships, in the first instance contact your association for details. Each association will have a selection policy and will select their team according to this.

The CSF(ED) is a great championships to 'cut your teeth' on in your competitive shooting career. This is greatly helped by the allowed team sizes being large, as up to 4 representatives pre country per discipline are allowed. The use of 'Develoment spaces', two per country per discipline, is also another great help which allows shooters to compete who might not otherwise qualify, so get in contact with your association and show your interest!

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