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Friday, 09 October 2009 16:42




The C.S.F.(ED) Championships Fullbore section was held at Bisley by the Isle of Man in conjunction with the London & Middlesex Rifle Association Meeting at the weekend.

The Jersey Rifle Association shooters had a most successful championships winning two Gold medals and 1 Sliver medal.

Bruce Horwood won Gold in the Individual and Gold in the pairs competition with Daniel Richardson also in the Individual second place went to Richard Benest winning the Silver medal.

Bruce Horwood had a very successful weekend in the C.S.F(ED) and in the L.M.R.A Championships winning 2 Gold medals and the Grand Aggregate, Long Range and the Sunday aggregate in the L.M.R.A Championships.

Richard Benest had the same score as Bruce but thirteen V bull’s behind to win Silver and two points ahead of third place G Morris of Wales. Richard also finished 4th in the L.M.R.A. grand aggregate.

In the pairs Bruce Horwood and Daniel Richardson with a grand total of 795.98 were 7 points ahead of Wales and Ireland to win the Gold

C.S.F.(ED)  Individual Scores:

1st Bruce Horwood       103.12 – 149.22 – 147.18 = 399.52  Gold

2nd Richard Benest       105.12 – 149.23 – 145-04 = 399.39  Silver

6th Daniel Richardson  104.12 -  148.20 – 144.14 = 396.46

9th David Le Quesne    102.07 – 146.16 – 143.10 = 391.33


C.S.F.(ED) C. Pairs Scores:

1st Bruce Horwood  399.52 &  Daniel Richardson  396.46.  Gold.


C.S.F.(ED) C. Development Places:

4th Stephen Osmont     103.14 – 146.14 – 140.10 = 389.38

6th Alex Langley           99.09 – 141.12 – 144.12 = 384.33  


I would like to thank the J.S.F. on behalf of the J.R.A. Shooters for the support that they received from the Federation and E.S.C.


Cliff Mallett,

Fullbore Manager.


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